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Here's testimonials of how I helped some of my clients

 Chris at Custom Fitness tailored a fitness program for me to use while I’m on tour. He’s made me a customized workout plan that I can do in the hotel room and substituting a towel instead of bringing my flex bands with me!

Joel Haynes

Drummer on tour with Terra Lightfoot

Chris Boucher has an amazing dedication to people’s health and fitness, and is always prepared to do what ever it takes to have someone achieve their personal goals. A true innovator in the fitness world; always pushing the boundaries and looking for news ways to achieve the same results in less time. While at the same time looking at it from a holistic viewpoint, of body & mind. Truly a pleasure to have him kick my butt!

Robert Feltham

Identity Architect, Canadian School IT Resource, Identity Management for Canadian School Systems

 I participated in boot camp for the first time with the Custom Fitness small group fitness classes this past Spring. They have been the best workouts I’ve ever enjoyed and I am not someone who hits the gym, ever.

My work out is on the pitch, playing soccer. My goal wasn’t weight loss or even ‘inch loss’ but general strength increase and a higher level of overall fitness.

I credit my fitness level to Custom Fitness and it’s FUN too!! I was in the best possible shape for the World Masters Games in Italy where we brought home silver!!

The training for the Games may be done but I’m not done with Custom Fitness’ small group fitness classes.

I truly enjoy it, I didn’t think it was possible for me to do anything outside of soccer.

Thanks Chris!!

Nancy H

Import Compliance Officer

Chris was consistently prompt, efficient and supportive.

He clearly has extensive practical experience and knew how to approach my specific needs as a middle-aged customer with some health issues.

His approach was evidence-based, focused on both short and long term goals and manageable in my time frame.

I would strongly recommend his program.

Sandy Sehdev

Medical Oncologist