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We started Custom Fitness in 1996 under contract at a few gyms here in Burlington.  Once big gyms started to change their personal training rules, it was my time to leave and go in-home. 

I've been training clients in their home, condo and at parks ever since.  We built a private studio in 1999 and increased the way we helped our clientele get to their goals.

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Chris Boucher

Owner / Author /Artist

I started my fitness career in 1988 when I first moved to Ontario from New Brunswick.  I needed a job and lucky for me a new gym was looking for basic floor staff.  I started right away in their temporary location.

 Fast forward a few years of working the floor and learning everything there was to learn about gym maintenance, I got the bug of learning as much as I could about anatomy and how the body worked.

I worked as a trainer from 1990 to 1996 in a few clubs, then started out on my own.  I haven't looked back. 

Just as an added note... I also draw activity books, calendars and placemats for kids of all ages.  Check out my art projects at

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