• In-Home or Private Studio Training

    Private or semi-private personal training in your home fitness room, or our private personal training studio. All sessions are when you want to exercise, not when the gym equipment is free. No big gym distractions

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  • Yoga

    The yoga class at Custom Fitness overcomes the mystery of yoga. By delivering a practical, user-friendly style that is accessible. Our classes are understandable and doable by individuals at any fitness level.

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Senior fitness training programs

Are you a senior who is losing the ability to move up and down stairs? Are you not able to reach above your head anymore? Are you finding it more and more difficult to get in (and out of) your car? Contact us to see how we can improve all of these abilities most people take for granted. Don't lose your quality of life.

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Personal Training

Private or with a friend you can train at our private fitness studio or in the comfort of your own home. Experience MRT, Yoga, Stretching, Suspension training and so much more!

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Burlington Fitness Boot Camp

Our Burlington fitness boot camp class helps busy people like you get in the best shape possible with movements that mimic the way you live your life. You live in a 3-D environment. Why not train in one? Great workouts for any fitness level!

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No need to be one with the universe or hum your way though a workout. Just stretch and strengthen your way to a better you. Our yoga class is designed for the person who wants (or needs) more flexibility. And wants to gain strength without bulky muscles.

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Weight loss program

A holistic approach to weight management. Our weight management program will help you achieve safe, effective and affordable weight loss results. Teaching you how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.