We've made some changes to our group fitness schedule according to the results of the survey.  The special you see in the video is for the months of November, December and January.

For this End of Year Special, we'll be starting on the 1st and running to the end of the month. If you start a bit late, the cost will be pro-rated according to the day of the month you start on.

Drop-ins will still be available at $15 per class.

As an additional special bonus, when you purchase the special, you can add on some relaxing yoga on Tuesday nights at 50% off.

So for only $80 for the month, you could exercise 4 times per week (or 6 if you do morning and night) at only $3.12 per class. Or $4.16 per class if you do 3 per week.

As an added bonus, the cost is per household, not just per person.  So, let's get the whole family involved.  

See you online!!

Virtual Classes

Looking to stay home and get fit at home!

Having a set schedule for your fitness workouts is great for not putting them off for when you're "ready".

Using the ZOOM app, I conduct the class right in front of you.  This is not a cookie cutting routine.  It's live and full of energy.  You'll be exercising right alongside other real people.

Classes are bodyweight (with modifications) so, no equipment is needed.

Follow this link to the price page

Contact us to learn how you can join in.