Welcome to our studio.

Are you looking for somewhere to get maximum results with a home studio feel?  

Our private training studio is a perfect location to improve yourself in so many ways.

You'll find no machines here to do the stabilizing for you.  We make sure you'll be doing it yourself.  If stability and balance are what you're looking for, you've found the right place.

Everything you need is here for your benefit. 

Here are a few pieces of equipment that we'll be using in our private studio.

I mention private a few times because there will be no one else in the studio while we're training.  This allows 100% attention to your needs and no waiting for the equipment we need.


great for improving pushing strength.  Also used for stability in balance exercises.

Suspention Training

The perfect item for improving pushing, pulling and rotation strength.


Used for balance training.  Standing on either side will challenge anyone who stands on it.


My favourite piece of equipment for  improving your mobility, balance and strength.

Kettle Bells

Used for strength building and mobility.


Used for hundreds of  different exercises.