Frequently Asked Questions

Is your virtual training a video?

No.  We meet live on Zoom or FaceTime for our session.  For an additional fee, I can video me doing the routine and send it to you as a video workout.

What are your hours?

Our sessions are by appointment only and run from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Why should I do virtual training?

Our virtual training is just like an in-person training session.  It's just that we be looking at a screen. 

Our sessions are better than a regular downloaded video or a random program from the internet because it's based on you and your goals.  The internet or random video doesn't adjust for any injuries or exercise skills.

Do I need equipment to train with you?

A quick answer is, no.  But, having equipment (any equipment) will give you a more varied exercise routine.

Even with just a band and a stability ball, you'll have access to hundreds of more exercises. 

Will I ever get bored?

No.  There are so many exercise routines we can do, you'll never be doing the routine over and over.  As with another question, the more equipment you have, there's even less chance of boredom.

How do I pay for the training ?

If you live close by, you can pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer. For distance clients, e-transfer is preferred. 

Invoices will be e-mailed if needed.

What happens during our consultation ?

During our first meeting, we'll go over all your goals and how I can help you get to them.  I'll help you get a space set up for our exercise sessions.  We'll talk about any past fitness experience you might have that will help get the ball rolling.

Do I have to pay all at once?

We can discuss payment once we are on our first call.  Normally, I just like that the sessions of the upcoming month are paid for in advance.

How many sessions do I need per week?

You should be with me for every session.  Just kidding.  It really depends on you.  I have some clients that I see once per week and some are three.  If you can do the exercise routine on your own, less is fine.  I always recommend at least once per week. 

Safety is most important though.  If you're having trouble with an exercise, then having me there is ideal.

What if I'm still a member at another gym?

No problem.
I'll help make sure the exercises you're doing are done safely and help you modify any that you need to get the most out of the routine they give you.

I can mimic any routine you would be doing in any big box (or little box) gym.