Virtual Golf Fitness Workshop

It's that time when we need to condition our bodies for those hard drives.

During my workshop, I’ll be showing you exercises you can do with our STiCs to increase your drive distance and keep your body safe.

You'll learn more than just how to swing a weight around and basic simple stretches.

Sign up now for an early bird price of only $50 and that includes a set of STiCs. If you live in the Burlington or Waterdown area, I’ll even drop them off for you

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Golf Fitness Workshop using our STiCs to increase distance to your drives and balance to your swings.

What we'll talk about

Here's a snapshot of what we'll be going over during the workshop.

There will be a couple of extra exercises on my website that will be in the workshop.

Thought I'd give you a bonus for signing up for the workshop.

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Table of contents for our Virtual Golf Fitness Workshop
Stability page from our Virtual Golf Fitness Workshop.

One of the Topics: Stability

Power comes from the ground up.  So, a strong stable body is a key to long consistent drives.

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Special details:

DATE: April 28th
TIME: 7:00 pm.
COST: $50 includes set of STiCs
COST: $30 without STiCs

It's all virtual

Just like all fitness programs nowadays, our workshop is going to be virtual.

Staying safe and not having to worry about even leaving your house to get this fabulous information.

Zoom meeting

The meeting will be on the online meeting program Zoom.  You don't need to be signed up with Zoom to join.

Just follow the steps in the confirmation email after you sign up.

All you'll need to do is click on the Zoom meeting link, and you're good to go.

STiCs needed

Our STiCs are PVC pipes with rubber ends that have flex to them.  You can use any stick you'd like, but the STiCs I use are better for complete benefits. 

If you'd like a set of STiCs, and you live in the Burlington or Waterdown area, I'll deliver them before the workshop starts.

Added bonuses

You'll not only get the workbook with 2 exercises in each section, but there will be 2 extra exercises (per section) on a special web page for only the participants of the workshop.

Also, the workshop will be recorded, so you can watch it at a later date.


The STiCs we use during the class are bendable PVC pipes.  Used under tension for some of the exercises and for guidance for others.  Using our STiCs isn't mandatory for the workshop, but you'll increase your fitness benefit by having this type of stick.

Cost is normally $30 per set, but when purchased with the workshop, there only $20.

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Golf Fitness Workshop using STiCs for great mobility benefit.