Relaxation Chair Massage

Take a Kneaded Escape with a Relaxation Chair Massage

People think that getting a massage means going into a small room behind closed doors, taking off all your clothes and lying prone on a table while a stranger rubs greasy oil all over your body.

 Chair massage removes all the barriers that prevent people from using massage. Check out some common question and answers here.

Benefits of Seated Relaxation Massage

•  Massage is done through the clothing to save people the time and embarrassment of having to get undressed and on a table
• There are no messy oils used. 
• It's convenient because the chair can be brought right into your office or home
• Because it takes only 10 to 15 minutes per massage, no longer than a coffee break, even the busiest person can find the time to use it
• It's done out in the open.  That makes potential customers feel safe because they can see exactly what it’s all about and who’s doing it
• It targets key tension areas where people need a massage – the back, neck and shoulders

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