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Are you working towards or away from your health and fitness goals?

Are you working towards or away from your health and fitness goals?

It’s the end of an entire month of exercising, and you still aren’t close you your goal.  Is it because you spend more time doing one type of exercise over another?  Or, is it that your exercise program does not match your jhealth and fitness goals?

Calendar check list

Every time you exercise, mark your calendar with a C for Cardio, R for Resistance training or an  for Flexibility training.

Count the letters at the end of the month to see what you did the most.  If your cardio is lacking and you’re still winded from climbing up those stairs at work, check out your total “C”.

If your hips are tight from sitting all day at work, and in your car to and from work … Maybe more “F”, is needed.

There is more to a full rounded fitness program than just cardio, resistance and flexibility, but these are the main areas of concern.  If you can’t stand on one foot for more than 28 seconds (eyes closed), you might want to add in single leg exercises.  If you fall over while doing forward lunges, more balance exercises are needed.  Are you winded from doing a set of 20 squats? Try adding in some type of cardio.

Direct types of cardio (running, cycling, rowing) are not always necessary.  Doing a circuit routine works quite well too.  You won’t be able to shave a lot of time off your 10k run, but circuit training will help you finish stronger.  

Of course, you can always combine what you do.  Just know that if you still can’t do any more push ups by the end of the month (if that’s your goal), then more strength training is necessary.  Unless you are accountable to someone, (like a trainer for instance), it’s more of an honour system.  You need to be truthful to yourself.

For those that sit for your job, travel, etc.  Here’s an exercise routine to help you “open up” those tight areas.

Click here for the Anti-Sitting Routine

If you have any questions on this routine, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In my next BLOG post I’ll talk about NEAT calories and how they can help you lose 10-30 pounds in a year.