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Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2014

From Stak Fitness

A new year, may mean a new workout, something to freshen up your drive to get out and get exercising. Hot fitness trends for 2014 include high-intensity interval training like CrossFit and P90X and body-weight training such as push-ups, pull-ups and planks. Also, yoga is expected to get even more popular.

A more detailed list of the top 10 predicted fitness trends is listed below.

The Top 10 Fitness Trends Predicted for 2014

  1. High-intensity interval training, which involves working out as hard as you can for a short burst of time, followed by a short, less-intense period, jumps to the top of this year’s list. These exercise programs are usually performed in less than 30 minutes.  Our 30 sessions are getting more and more popular.
  2. Body weight training uses minimal equipment making it more affordable. Not limited to just push-ups and pull-ups, this trend allows people to get “back to the basics” with fitness.  you should try our Body Weight Boot Camp class.   A great way to burn up to 800 calories in one hour.
  3. Kettlebell workouts are definitely one of the hottest fitness trends on the rise right now. Developed in Russia in the 1700s, kettlebells are just starting to gain real momentum in Western gym culture. Kettlebell training can reduce pain in the neck, shoulders and low back by improving their strength, can help you burn additional calories than a workout without them, and can increase your aerobic workout.  Always a great staple in our personal training sessions.
  4. Strength training remains a central emphasis for many health clubs. Incorporating strength training is an essential part of a complete physical activity for all physical activity levels and genders. (The other essential components are aerobic exercise and flexibility). These next three are a given for how successful the training has become.
  5. Exercise and weight loss. In addition to nutrition, exercise is a key component of a proper weight loss program. Health and fitness professionals who provide weight loss programs are increasingly incorporating regular exercise and caloric restriction for better weight control in their clients.
  6. Personal training. More and more students are majoring in kinesiology, which indicates that they are preparing themselves for careers in allied health fields such as personal training. Education, training and proper credentialing for personal trainers have become increasingly important to the health and fitness facilities that employ them.
  7. Fitness Programs for Older Adults. As the baby boom generation ages into retirement, some of these people have more discretionary money than their younger counterparts. Therefore, many health and fitness professionals are taking the time to create age-appropriate fitness programs to keep older adults healthy and active.  We’ve been exercising with the senior popular for over 15 years. 
  8. Functional Fitness. This trend toward using strength training to improve balance and ease of daily living. Functional fitness and special fitness programs for older adults are closely related.  Every single class and training session uses functional fitness.  Almost every exercise can be equalled to an activity you would do in regular everyday life activities.
  9. Group Personal Training. In challenging economic times, many personal trainers are offering more group training options. Training two or three people at a time makes economic sense for the trainer and the clients.  www.TnTBootCamp.ca is a GREAT alternative to personal training is cost is an issue.
  10. Yoga. Based on ancient tradition, yoga utilizes a series of specific bodily postures practiced for health and relaxation. Includes Power Yoga, Yogalates, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Anurara, Kundalini, Sivananda and others.  A great way to change it up once and a while.

As you can see from the red, we at Custom Fitness do all but one of these.  And yes, it’s yoga.  Not that I’m against yoga, I just don’t do it.  So this means we’re ready for a another great year of fitness.  Remember to sign up for our monthly updates and Health & Fitness news letter.