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The quick fix.

The quick fix wont stay fixed.

I’ve heard and seen so many different quick fixes over the years and they don’t seem to be slowing down.  If some one has a sore shoulder, they just don’t move it as much.  Sore knee, wrap it.  How about a headache everyday?  Not to mention all the quick fat loss fixes out there.

How fast you heal really depends on how healthy your recovery system is. If you’re getting lots of sleep and eating well, you should be better than most.  It does take time to heal, no doubt.  But you can speed things up by doing proactive treatments.  Not just putting compression supports on.  Or just taking a pill to get rid of the head ache.  Do you know why you get the head aches?

I got a flyer in the mail the other day and had to look though it because it’s the Showcase company.  I like to see what people might be buying to get this quick fix.  There’s so many products on the market today compared to years ago.  And yes, there are some products that are great.  But there are normally twice that number that aren’t even half as great.  If your knee is sore, fist check your hip and thigh muscles.  When a client comes to me with knee pain, the first thing I get them to do is stretch their hips.  9/10 time that’s what needed to be done.  Tight hips from sitting all day.  Or just tight from exercising and not going to full range of motion.

Now, I’m not telling you that the pain you have isn’t from something serious.  I’m just say, don’t go for the quick fix and not have it looked at.  If you don’t fix what’s going on at the root, the problem will not go away.

Do you get head aches?  The first thing I go for is a large glass of water.  If you’re used to coffee  and you haven’t had any in a while, it could be caffeine withdrawal.  It could be that your so tight in the shoulder area that the muscles around your neck are pulling on your head.  Causing tension headaches.  Get a massage!!

Is your tummy larger than you want it to be?  Stay away from the toning belts that vibrate to work the muscles.  Vibrating the muscle will not give you six pack abs.  Having a good diet plan and doing regular intense exercise will.  Put this picture in your mind… A city worker using the jackhammer on the concrete.  Chances are, he has a pot belly to rest on  the machine.  If it was just the vibrating, he’d be lean AND muscular.

Now, how about those fat loss pill!!  What a waste of money.  Sure you might feel that your doing something.  You’re all jacked up on stimulants.  Here’s how you have to look at a product that increases your metabolism by 30%.  Holy fat burner Batman!!  30% seems like a lot doesn’t it?  If I need 2000 calories per day to survive, 30% would be 600 calories.  That’s like doing a full 60 minute fitness class or a good long run.  All with out having to lift a finger.  Well, here’s where I come in to put the real spin on things.  Here’s the real equation.

The pill effects wear off after about 45 minutes after they get absorbed.  So lets say just for arguments sack your metabolism is up for 60 minutes on average.  Well, there are 1,440 minutes in a 24 hour day.  If your metabolism is increased for only 60 minutes, you’ll only burn 1.82 calories instead.  So with a difference of only .42 calories per minute that’s only 25 extra calories per day.  Now that doesn’t sound as exciting eh?  2,025 instead of 2,600.

Oh, and the whole thing about green coffee to burn fat… Don’t believe in the hype.  Green coffee (beans not roasted) have the same ingredient (Chlorogenic Acid) as regular coffee.  So just have a black coffee first thing in the morning and get on with your day.