Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Join our 5 week Weight Loss Program and create healthy lifestyle!

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As you know, losing weight can be easy.  Just stop eating!!Custom Fitness Weight Management Program

Not exactly the best plan of action though!  Out of everyone that loses weight by simply “not eating”, 90% of them will regain it back.  Most times, they will gain more weight back.

I’ll show you in my book, (which you’ll get once you sign up), that you can lose 20 pounds by dieting alone.  But, if you gain that weight back (when the diet is over), you wont gain the muscle you lost.  Your metabolism is now slower and you’ve lost any muscle tone you had.

Custom Fitness Weight Management ProgramYou’ll learn the correct exercises to do, in as little as 20 minutes a day, to keep your metabolism fired up.

As you know, it’s not all about the exercise.  It’s about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.  Note I said nutrition, not diet … and exercise, not working out.

You’ll learn what it takes to stay at your goal weight.  Yes, you’ll learn how to lose fat (not weight) and keep it off.  Teaching you how to maintain your goal weight is my goal.

You’ll learn why carbs are not bad, and that you can have that pasta dinner and not gain weight.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from our weight loss program each week:

  1. Stages of change, how to read nutrition labels, how many calories to eat per day, SMART goals, measurements, goal planner and more
  2. Every exercise question you can come up with, exercise intensity, fat burning zone, MRI examples, exercise technique, activity tracker, weight management food assignment
  3. Guest speaker, Marleen Filimon (from Private Matters Psychotherapy) will be teaching you how being mindful* (see below) can help you reach your goal weight.  And more importantly, help you maintain your goal weight.  We’ll talk about the food assignment answers and the glycemic index as well.
  4. How your body changes with only diet and no exercise, How fat burners work, what Stats Canada has to say, food assignment #2 and so much more
  5. In the final week we’ll review everything, take final measurements, review food assignment #2, answer any final questions that have risen up over the past month.

Each week, you’ll receive health and nutrition tips and recipes.

You’ll learn where you are in the stages of change and so much more.  We teach you what to do before, during and after the weight loss.

See you soon.

You’ll receive a manual containing new weekly information, a Flippin’ Good Exercise Book and constant tips and tricks to maintain your goals.  24/7 email and text support during the program is also available.

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*Mindfulness is not only about meditating and breathing exercises. Mindfulness can be used in everyday activities, in the grocery store, while going on a hike, and when exercising. Mindful exercising is performing physical activity while focusing on yourself in the present moment. Exercising by itself is a great stress reliever, now add mindfulness and you will give stress no chance. Other benefits include increasing the effectiveness of your workout, decreasing the chance of injury, and increasing your enjoyment while exercising.