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Men’s Stretch and Strengthen

Are you looking for a change?  Come and join our Men’s Stretch and Strengthen Class

Feel better, look better and most importantly, move better!

STIC training (Stretching with Tension Including Core)

These are just a few of the exercises you’ll be doing within our class.  Using the sticks till help you get the results you want in much less time.

In our Men’s Stretch and Strengthen class, you’ll improve your range of motion, joint stability, and you’ll also increase your strength and flexibility, from head to toe.

Custom Fitness men's stretch and strengthen classWhy is the Men’s Stretch and Strengthen class so effective?

The class will take your body through full ranges of motion with specific amounts of tension.

Incorporating tension while moving the joint, builds a stronger, more resilient structure, as Custom Fitness men's stretch and strengthen classcreating tension on one side of the joint helps opposing muscle groups relax and improve flexibility.

During the 45 minute class, you’ll be moving in all directions. Each week, you will be challenged with different movement patterns designed to increase your range of motion and flexibility, while strengthening and stretching the right way.

If you are interested in our next Men’s STIC Class, please send us a note.

Don’t wait any longer? Sign up now and feel better by moving better.

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