Fitness Equipment used

Fitness Equipment used

Here is a list of the fitness equipment used while training the personal trainers at Custom Fitness

Unlike the big box gyms, you wont waste your time on any big equipment at our studio.  We let you strengthen your body through natural movements.  Letting machines stabilize you instead of your own stabilizing system.  When you use machines to do the stabilizing, your muscles loose their strength for that stabilizing.

Let your muscles do the job that they were meant to do.

The fitness equipment you’ll have fun playing with…

ViPR ViPR Fitness



Medicine balls.  

Exercise bands.   exercise bands





Battling Ropes    Battle rope.

Suspension Training (eg. TRX and GTX systems)    Suspension training with a TRX

BOSUFintess equipment used are BOSU fitness trainers  Lebert Equalizers, 

Even with all the fitness equipment we use. You’ll benefit from plenty of body weight movement as well.  You’ll be working on strength, speed, agility and quickness.  All this and burning as many fat calories as possible.  (And toning sexy muscle as well).

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