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Do it in moderation.

Read this in moderation.  Just kidding, read the whole thing. Picture this, (this is where the TV would get all fuzzy for a couple of seconds) … You’re sitting at a roadside patio on a nice hot summer day.  The heat is coming off the road like a desert mirage.  THIS, is the perfect day […]

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DOMS.  Only your friends think it’s funny! Ok, picture this… You love the training routine that you’re on, but you start to plateau.  So you change it up a bit.  Or, you just get back from a happy fun filled vacation and start your exercise routine back up. Everything is going perfect!  You feel great […]

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Drink water to lose weight.

Are you drinking water for weight loss? As with anyone, I like to help out local businesses.  So … I like going to local coffee places to buy a coffee, while using their space to do some work on my computer.  On one of these occasions, while enjoying my robust piping hot black coffee, I […]

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How heavy is your head?

Have you ever wondered how heavy your head was? Probably not, eh?  How heavy your head is can be the reason for a number of upper back and neck issues.  Keep reading. About 10 years back, I took a course on posture assessment and what exercises can help to correct poor posture.  I took this […]

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Fat burning using weights

More muscles = more calories burned = more fat loss As most of you know, I only jog for three reasons.  1) Jane wants me to join her, 2) I’m with a client and 3) the police are chasing me. I will however do sprint intervals and circuit training.  I don’t have anything against jogging […]

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