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Do it in moderation.

Read this in moderation.  Just kidding, read the whole thing. Picture this, (this is where the TV would get all fuzzy for a couple of seconds) … You’re sitting at a roadside patio on a nice hot summer day.  The heat is coming off the road like a desert mirage.  THIS, is the perfect day […]

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DOMS.  Only your friends think it’s funny! Ok, picture this… You love the training routine that you’re on, but you start to plateau.  So you change it up a bit.  Or, you just get back from a happy fun filled vacation and start your exercise routine back up. Everything is going perfect!  You feel great […]

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Drink water to lose weight.

Are you drinking water for weight loss? As with anyone, I like to help out local businesses.  So … I like going to local coffee places to buy a coffee, while using their space to do some work on my computer.  On one of these occasions, while enjoying my robust piping hot black coffee, I […]

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How heavy is your head?

Have you ever wondered how heavy your head was? Probably not, eh?  How heavy your head is can be the reason for a number of upper back and neck issues.  Keep reading. About 10 years back, I took a course on posture assessment and what exercises can help to correct poor posture.  I took this […]

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Do what you need to do, not what’s popular to meet your fitness goals

Are you doing what you need to do, or are you doing what’s popular to meet your fitness goals? There are literally thousands of diets and exercise programs out there.  So, how can just one, be the perfect one for everyone?. I’ve been asked about certain programs and diets by my clients, and whether they are right for them.  My question (as you […]

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