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Is snacking hurting your goals?

Is snacking hurting your goals? Snacks are a great way to keep those hunger pangs at bay.  The bad side of snacking, is the empty or hidden calories. Contrary to what some may say, you won’t burn more calories by eating more times during the day.  So, snacking is fine to try and keep your […]

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6 fat loss tips everyone should be doing.

Everyone knows what it takes to lose weight, right?  As you read what’s needed to be done, you think it sounds easy.  As time goes on, you might not be as attentive to what you need to be doing.  You might need that slight kick to your backside to keep you on track. Here’s a […]

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Are your moving parts not moving anymore?

In my day to day routine, I’m always watching people … and no, not in a creepy way!  I am fascinated by body movement and watch how people pick things up, reach for things, walk, run, turn, etc. Because of this, I train my clients with a focus on body movement and not just muscle […]

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Don’t give up, change it up!

Eavesdropping is not something I like to do, but as I said before… When it comes to fitness conversations, my ears perk right up. As a couple of women were drinking their Iced mocha crapacchino (not a real drink, but still a $5 cup of coffee flavoured ice water) I overheard them talking about how […]

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Do it in moderation.

Read this in moderation.  Just kidding, read the whole thing. Picture this, (this is where the TV would get all fuzzy for a couple of seconds) … You’re sitting at a roadside patio on a nice hot summer day.  The heat is coming off the road like a desert mirage.  THIS, is the perfect day […]

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